2009. március 10., kedd


Since our establishment in 1991, the leadership (and the ownership) of our company has not been changed, and this balance affected a continuous guarantiee for our high quality.
Generally we carry out medium size projects (building, renovating, maintenance), and the following skill workers are available by our company:

Brick mason
House painter

We complete our works on high quality, in short period, and we assure guarantie specified by the Hungarian Laws.
We try to fulfill the requirements of our customers completely, p.g. we carry out works according their opening hours or weekend etc.
One of our well-known customer of the latest years is OTP és Kereskedelmi Bank Rt, MIDAS european Property and this company requires special kind of works in all field.

We hope these words has been raised up your interest, but if you have any more doubts or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
In hope of having a prosperous cooperation in the future.

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